restore the power

men work

diligent and careful

such mastery

surgeons peeling layers off with a scythe

to unlock the buried treasure

in overgrown bush

halo for the men

to return

light, power


to the children

loose in the night

mothers hugging in the dark

children thrown from sleep,

monopoly by candle

man with stern discourse

he’s missing

Sports Center

locked into sleeping early

with his wife

you know what darkness

can do to a man

he will disguise his breathing

they could be sheer gods


if they were to reactivate

just a bit of light

for strangers

restricted to walk their dogs

he whines just behind me

stop writing

reality born to gentle confrontation

Words by Atom Rush


no batteries no electricity

spark that generator provide some energy

simplicity light bulb

I am 200 plus got the heavyweight title

rivals are like false idols

stop it you ain’t a prophet

you talk shit to make  profit from material objects

I am less stressed never ending quest

for that money in my pocket found success

through my eye sockets

Cee Reed everything Reed sees the rest of it

find truth in hidden messages

get schooled on what a lesson is

think you got the answers

but you keep questioning festering

your drain brain bubbling

stumbling like your walking out the pubs in Dublin


Words by Cee Reed

Generator is the title track on a new record with my spoken word tribe: the Atom family

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Oswald’s ghost

badge man in sticks
rail workers avert
dazed hobos
touch device to ear
cut outs on every block
amnesia spreads
across a blacked out government
executive action

an authority short of thoughts on means
realize it marks you accomplice

film captured
sold to lost file cabinets
where suits shift
and sift about the slit in justice
assassins escape the eyes
it comes back to fences
aligned allies
footprints in fresh mud

an authority short of thoughts on detention
realize it marks you accomplice

 seconds sacrifice time
into Zapruder mist
driver twists
car seizes
where the iron patch
defines the fabric
into breach
we commit this wall of silence

a government short on thoughts of transparency
realize it marks you accomplice

he is one for the ages
a sliver in this rugged individual
without grim space
we are forced to remember
stories not reported
a mixture of poison and perfume
the seductive
apart from the seduced

a government short of thoughts on truth
realize it marks you accomplice

 umbrella man
waiting in outline
stretched judgement
the maniac salute

a world disguised by lost symbols
realize it marks you accomplice

Oswald’s ghost
stalks our crooked track
where citizens are sold
false directives.



Stop gravity and show me

why we need you?

increased productivity

value harnessed
by the way

you look at things

the rest based on the way you act

the big accounts you land

the shape of your figure

Stop gravity and don’t ask

why we need you?

increased efficiency
time propelled on the internet

by the way you access information

the dark secrets of personality proposed
to make all the right smiles

all the time

working constantly against character

you have prophesied times before

fantasized you were lost

in the hours of work

you are human
but we never made you this way
we would never take credit for your transformation

Stop gravity and wear me down with the reasons

you can take a step forward

and we will map the way backwards

She blocks the sun

she blocks the sun with her hand

knows what my mind is thinking

is the ship at halt or just sinking

she blocks the sun with every rain

reminds me of the fools advice

that love is not free
in this paradise

Turning down the path
where are we

Where are we?
It’s simple at best,

sliding into a calm mess

she blocks the sun with her hand

seems to know just where we’re going

realizing with a smile
there is no way of knowing

she blocks the sun with her pain

lies down to rest

the sky can’t stop denying

her soft request

the bridge can’t stop decaying

in this wasteland

of vertical straying

across blue masses

to construct the center


falling through the feeling in your hands

footprints in the sand

that make no sense

Turning around dead end
where are we

Where are we? It’s reckless to mess,

confessing to calm distress

She blocks the sun with her hand

knows what my heart is making

shrugs me off

returns me to the race

she blocks the sun with her presence

a shining lamp of goddess

her resistance

streaks mutiny in rough hearts

Turning from the trails

where are we

where are we? It’s wild out west,

burning in calm stress

Broken GovT

I got a broken nose
cut down, jointed bone
I am not going down this round

In wrecked noise

acute to sound
distinct in disruption
for lines not secure
scattered by comedy
in leisure and soft design

I got broken nose
jointed down, cut bone
I am not going down next round

In exhausted fall

against weighted incline
the pranksters
haunt in the wild
in every split head
split mind
spinning atoms for all

Be rush Be a rush

dodging crowds that blend easy

banishing carousels to free gods

seeing this heart of darkness

rapped around by fanatics

every wire transmitted

across trapped liberty


reading to expose

the madness of writing

realizing the seams

of dream are without matter

resurrected atom

erected to stand in angles

We got a broken government
shut down, stripped bone
contempt to destroy everyone around

In spliffed inferno

I am wood man and I burn too
we come so close
for peace and justice
that never meet.