Almost Believe

Beckon a galaxy to exist

contrast in chronic tendency

in visionary creed we recite in hypocrisy

the primitive one says

let men draw quarters in rust breath

as impulsive at hate, and to relate

clearly Cooper hysterical saint

let it be

in gods and governments

almost believe

Reckon a system to realize

contrast in lonely memory

why does it’s brightness continue to burn

without a capacity to learn?

the primitive one states

why such savagery for land

or blood in disguise?

  bleary Cayce elusive prophet

let it fly

in angels and aliens

almost believe

Reflect a message to revive

contrast in hidden truths

why do they cry for religion

but scream in judgment?

the primitive soul treads

to descend a rant

weary Cooper mystical terrorist

let it seed

in prophets and junkies

almost believe

Rectify in safe ground

burns in line treks on light

the primitive soul muses

absurd chances denied

where do you begin to make amends

or choke in reins

militant Paine resistive poet

let it see

in gods and governments

almost believe


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