Broken GovT

I got a broken nose
cut down, jointed bone
I am not going down this round

In wrecked noise

acute to sound
distinct in disruption
for lines not secure
scattered by comedy
in leisure and soft design

I got broken nose
jointed down, cut bone
I am not going down next round

In exhausted fall

against weighted incline
the pranksters
haunt in the wild
in every split head
split mind
spinning atoms for all

Be rush Be a rush

dodging crowds that blend easy

banishing carousels to free gods

seeing this heart of darkness

rapped around by fanatics

every wire transmitted

across trapped liberty


reading to expose

the madness of writing

realizing the seams

of dream are without matter

resurrected atom

erected to stand in angles

We got a broken government
shut down, stripped bone
contempt to destroy everyone around

In spliffed inferno

I am wood man and I burn too
we come so close
for peace and justice
that never meet.