Mad Kid Kant

a modern strangulation

stifled by moral agents

body platform

limited perception

recognize experience

adjust to demand

adapt to dispense

mad kid Kant

cracked your skull

burned the newspaper

for the sanctity of thought

one more fence white washed

a modern strangulation

mask obvious

poisoned introspective

justified denial

in corporations and governments

disguise altruistic movement

the face value of dissolution

mad kid Kant

kicked you down

burnt lines of race

to build atrocity of rage

one more village in reclamation

a modern strangulation

cradles all points

its purpose reversed

dripped in ancient secrecy

Apache warrior bones

in crude display

born to the scenery

mad kid Kant

crackled the path

the brain is the seat of the soul

greed mediates the weak

to live outside the law you must be honest.

Atoms performed with piano and effects by Stefeye recorded in Long Beach NY 2012

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