love notes from february

love note #79

I know the first date we met

the hourglass had tipped

we were delaying our summit

taking time to huddle

to discuss the drastic circumstances

of our absence

this far in life

I advise you to love

love note #46

what are we

more than vehicles of memory

more than pumping blood

or lumping soot

more than a value

designated by society

what are we

not in complex terms

unheard  disclaimer

off the script

off the grid

loves pushes all barriers

inside the front line

outside the dreams of parents

what we are is all we know

love note #39

I know it wasn’t your fault

it was my charming cynicism

that captivated a bored mob

you were overwhelmed

your shyness

barreled over in this parade

of lost souls

this society that loves one

against the many